Survey for Dave’s Health

In December of 2016 I spearheaded an effort  at Dave’s Health & Nutrition to conduct a survey that would provide information on the store’s customer demographics. To organize my research and present a cohesive plan to Management, I… Read More

Design Work

This is some of the design work I’ve done over the years using GIMP, an open-source photo manipulation software. A Catalyst Magazine advertisement for Dave’s Health & Nutrition in January 2014. A sample Facebook advertisement for a custom Dave’s… Read More

Are You Using the Wrong Sweetener?

Originally published for Yoga Central on October 5, 2012. We all fall for cupcakes and cookies every once in a while. My weak spot is pastries. Give me a chocolate-filled croissant and I am a happy lady. But… Read More

Our Amazing Chakra Energy Centers

Originally published for Yoga Central on November 28, 2012 I’m attending a Yoga and the Chakras workshop next week so I decided to brush up on my chakra knowledge. I have a vague impression of my subtle energy… Read More

Facebook Posts

The boosted post below reached 1,612 people on Facebook with 41 reactions, 13 comments, and one share. Initially, the post was published August 18, 2016 and was boosted August 31, 2016 – September 1, 2016. ———– Look what… Read More

Crossroads Crisis Communication

I created this 16-page crisis communication plan for the Crossroads Urban Center in Salt Lake CIty, UT to finish off my first semester of graduate school. Below is the introduction. See the complete report here. Introduction Seismic risk poses a… Read More